Celeb Baby Update

Anna Paquin was seen in Venice, California strolling with a friend last week with a bulging, baby belly bump.  Paquin and her husband, Stephen Moyer, are expecting twins very soon.

The “True Blood” stars, who are lovers both on screen and off, were married in 2010 but the twins will be their first children together.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are now proud parents of a little baby boy.  Faris, who recently starred in the movie The Dictator, gave birth on August 25 which was sooner than she was expected to give birth.

The little baby, which the couple named Jack, had to spend some time in NICU, according to an earlier statement made by the couples rep.  Faris and her husband Christ Pratt, who stars on the hit TV series Parks and Recreation, got married back in 2009.

Actress and mommy of two, Melissa Joan Hart, is about to welcome her third child into the world.  Hart is a star on the hit series, Melissa and Joey, and recently opened up to PEOPLE magazine about how she currently occupies her time during this last phase of her pregnancy.

Hart claimed, “I’ve been going to see a movie a week right now”.  Her advice for expecting moms is to “go as much as you can before baby comes—it becomes twice as expensive to go to the movies [afterwards] because you have to get a babysitter involved.”

Vanessa Lachey, wife of singer Nick Lachey, is about to give birth to her first child any day now.  Vanessa, a former Miss Teen USA, is expecting a baby boy and has exclaimed that she is both excited and anxious for his arrival.