Candles, Cutters and Caterpillars–Our Newest Favors for 2010

When purchasing precious diamonds, we know that the four C’s are important.  But when it comes to delighting guests at your baby shower, these three C’s will steal the show!  Introducing our newest baby shower favors for 2010:

The cutest candles ever!

baby block candle Beehive candlerocking horse tea light
These candles are the cutest way to add a spark to your baby shower or event!  The baby block and rocking horses are classic designs that will garner plenty of smiles, while the beehive candle is aptly named “Sweet As Can Bee.”  Just one whiff of the honey scent and you’ll think it’s the real thing!

footprint cookie cutterTiny toes, big smiles!

What’s the first thing a new parent does when the baby is born?  Count the number of fingers and toes, of course!  And the wonder of that moment is the inspiration for this practical baby shower favor.  As sweet as the cookies to be made from this gift, this clever cutter will tug at the hearts of each one of your guests.  A reminder of what’s truly important–a healthy baby–you can almost hear the pitter-patter of the little feet that are on their way.  Made of stainless steel and shaped to perfection, these adorable footprints will leave a lasting impression, for sure.

Adding some spice to your life!

caterpillar shakerI’m not much into insects, but this cute critter has stolen my heart.  Who wouldn’t love a colorful caterpillar that holds a salt-and-pepper shaker in its grasp?  Functional and fun, it will be a sweet addition to anyone’s home after the shower.  Ready to “shake, rattle and crawl,” I can see myself taking it along to spice up a picnic in the park.  How about you?