Can Interactive Baby Gifts Help Rescue Recess?

Rescuing Recess. Now there’s a term I didn’t think I would hear. But, sure enough, playtime has become an endangered species. When I was growing up, recess was valued as an important part of the school day. Allowing kids some time to burn off extra energy and come back to the classroom refreshed, the need for physical activity throughout the day was (and is) important for children’s productivity and development. But in recent years, more emphasis has been placed on formal learning in preschool, more homework for elementary school students and more pressure from parents on young children to quickly acquire academic skills. Unstructured playtime seems to lose out, as we scramble to keep up with global standards. But is that what’s best for our children?

Let’s face it. After school, kids spend more hours per week watching TV, playing video games, using the Internet, and communicating on cell phones than almost anything else. It seems that, for a lot of children, physical activities don’t even rank on the list anymore (unless they’re playing organized sports.) Because of this trend, the National PTA has launched a “Rescuing Recess” campaign to help restore a healthy balance to our children’s activities.

Get outside and play!

frog-pull-toy.jpgNowadays, our kid’s fingers get a workout on the computer keyboard, but what about the rest of the body? Whether at school or at home, the entire body needs exercise. Riding bikes, roller skating and even a game of touch football can make a big difference. Try making it a family affair and go walking together. And don’t let those cold or rainy days stop your kids from getting exercise. There are other ways they can be active indoors. Set up a home gym for older children and allow toddlers to exercise with interactive baby toys. Because wooden pull toys are an excellent tool for teaching motor skills and promoting exercise, they’re perfect for small children.

baby-activity-mat.jpgBabies need activity, too!

You’re never too early to start a good exercise plan. Before they’re able to crawl and walk, babies can get their share of exercise on an activity playmat that includes lots of fun shapes and stuffed animals for baby to play with.

Making these small changes in your children’s activities can help make them more alert, energetic and healthy. With childhood obesity on the rise, our kids are at risk for far more deadlier things than lower test scores. High blood pressure, diabetes and other illnesses that were once only seen in adults are now affecting our children. Don’t allow the lack of physical activity at school and a sedentary lifestyle at home to take its toll on our youth. At Corner Stork Baby Gifts, we have lots of fun baby toys and gifts that can help keep our children happy and healthy.