Can a Newborn Find Puppy Love?

Yes, and here’s how you can help!

As an avid dog lover (my husband and I have two, and we foster for a local rescue group,) I heartily advocate guiding newborns in the right direction when it comes to a deep and abiding love for pets.

That’s why I’m so excited about the launch of Baby Aspen’s “Patches” Plush Puppy Lovie in an adorable Dog House Gift Box! What a magnificent and meaningful baby gift! I’ve had the pleasure of holding Patches in my hands, and I have to tell you—the softness and sweetness is overwhelming!

Even cuter are all the delightful de-tails (pun definitely intended!) You’ll notice a little puppy tail sticking out of a hole at the back of the dog-house gift box. De-tail is actually attached to the lovie, which also has embroidered puppy paw prints at the bottom. And how about the plush bone rattle he’s holding in his paws?

I have to admit—I want one for myself…