Britney Spears Buys Baby Gifts

aguilera.jpgOh no, no, no. Britney is not buying gifts for her baby sister Jamie who is also pregnant. This time she’s buying baby shower gifts for none other than Christina Aguilera. It must be nice to have a predecessor to pick up the pieces of your failed attempt of a comeback. Christina is still on top and she’s not even in the game right now. How sad is that?

Anyway, Britney Spears was seen at Petit Tresor, which is a super high end baby store that is the essence of expensive baby gifts. She bought a huge amount of gifts including cashmere outfit, high end baby bottles, and some baby blankets and baby bibs.

baby-bib.jpgWe are so happy that she is still doing so financially sound that she can throw away money without a second thought. We just wish that her adviser would have explained to her that she could have saved hundreds of dollars by just visiting Corner Stork Baby Gifts and buying directly from their online store. Not only would she have saved a substantial amount of money, but she also would have been able to shop from the comfort of her home and avoided all of the crazy paparazzi.