Brilliant Baby Clothes for Brilliant Babies

Have you ever looked at an infant and wondered what’s going on inside that very young mind? I have, and according to a recent study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I’ve grossly underestimated the brain activity of babies.

The article I read, Babies Are Capable of Complex Reasoning, Study Says, was a real eye-opener. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Using a computer model, researchers were able to accurately predict what a baby would know about a particular event if given certain information.

MIT researcher Josh Tenenbaum says, “The deeper thing that this shows is that infants’ knowledge of objects is not a gut feeling. They’re actually doing some kind of rational, probabilistic reasoning.”



Years of research have shown that young babies grasp all sorts of information, from the fact that physical objects can’t blink in and out of existence to how social hierarchies work. One 2009 study even found that 6-month-olds can tell the difference between a friendly and an angry dog.


My Baby, the Astrophysicist

Well, there you have it. Apparently, it’s never too soon to start pointing baby toward a career that’s rewarding—in more ways than one. So, even though I’ve written about Baby Aspen’s “Big Dreamzzz” collection a while ago, I’m compelled, after reading this article, to turn you on to these inspiring baby clothes once again.

Consider it your 18-years-long experiment to see if baby “gets it” after spending some time in infancy as a doctor, a chef, a ballerina or a baseball player. If it doesn’t work, at least you gave it that good old college try. And besides, these “Big Dreamzzz” sleep sets look nifty on newborns with any I.Q.!