Brangelina’s Bulge, Baby Gifts and the Bad Economy


Better get used to seeing Angelina Jolie as she is in the photo on the right. And no, that’s not her baby daddy next to her (though the look on his face does seem to say, “Look what I did!) According to the ever-grinding, celebrity rumor mill, Brangelina may be pregnant—and with twins!—again. She’s clearly in the zone: make a movie, have a baby, make a movie, have a baby, make a movie, have a baby. Either Angie and Brad love being pregnant, or their birth control is NOT working.


Having baby after baby, one or two at a time, is not the message celebrities need to be sending at this point in time. Certainly, Angelina and Brad have the right to bring as many children into their family as they want—as do we all. But here’s the difference: THEY CAN AFFORD IT! Even in this economy, THEY CAN AFFORD IT. A couple making a zillion dollars a year can buy anything they want or need for their children, making retailers very happy. So what am I getting at?


Not Brad and Angelina. We already know what they’re thinking. I’m talking about companies, businesses and retailers who are crying because nobody’s buying. It’s the holiday season, and boo hoo. People aren’t spending. We won’t make big profits. Wah. Wah. Wah. Apparently, they’ve already forgotten how many people they’ve laid off over the past few months. Hundreds of thousands are out of work, others are fearful of losing their jobs, yet these businesses want everyone to get in the holiday spirit spend lots of money we don’t have or might need for other things like shelter and food. In the end, these companies are actually putting themselves out of business.  Time to figure it out, CEOs! People with jobs spend money. When they lose their jobs, you lose your profits. It’s that simple.


big-sister.jpgbig-brother-tshirt.jpg I figure that, in a few years, Brad and Angie will run out of odd names and stop having babies. But whatever the circumstances, newborns deserve to be celebrated, and Corner Stork Baby Gifts makes it easy to welcome new babies with an enormous selection of baby clothes, baby toys and baby shower favors in a wide range of prices. If you or your friends are having big families like the Jolie-Pitts, here are a couple of cute sibling gifts that we all know are just as important to give as baby gifts! Let big sis save the photos taken while she’s holding the baby in the “I’m the Big Sister” Photo Album (left.) The “I’m the Big Brother!” T-Shirt (right) announces his newly found status to the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angie and Brad buy these two items by the case…