Birthday Number Cake Inspiration

Let’s face it: birthdays are a big deal. Every birthday is a milestone, especially when you’re a kid. That’s why so many children count their age in halves and quarters. Although it’s traditional to stick a number candle on a cake, why not go all out for a birthday? Incorporate the new age of the birthday girl or boy into the design of the cake. A birthday cake could be shaped like the number with fun topping designs or have a traditional shape with a unique way to incorporate the number into the design. We’ve collected some of our favorite number-themed cakes so you can get some serious cake inspo.

1. Sprinkle Number Cake

Number-shaped cakes are a lot of work, so if you want to go the simpler route, incorporate the number into the toppings of a traditional round cake. Cut the birthday number out of a piece of clean cardboard and place it on top of the cake. Dust a heavy helping of sprinkles, then remove the number. Boom! Now you have a chic cake for the birthday kid.

Birthday Number Cakes Sprinkles

Kristine’s Kitchen

2. Fruit and Macaron Number Cake

When you have a cake in the shape of a number, you’ll want to find creative ways to top the sweet confection. Fruit is a great choice if you’re having this birthday party in the spring or summer. Make it extra fancy with the French macarons.

Birthday Number Cakes Fruit and Macarons

Les Yeux Grognons

3. Unicorn Number Cake

Even if you’re having a birthday cake in the shape of a number, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a character in the design. For a birthday girl who loves all things magical, add a unicorn horn and ears to the top of the cake for the perfect touch.

Birthday Number Cake: Unicorn

Sweet Miracles Cookies and Cakes

4. Giraffe Number Cake

Character cakes in the shape of a number are just as charming! If you’re going for a safari theme, this giraffe number cake would be ideal. The baker added yellow and brown fondant to make it look like a giraffe. Look at those cute little ears!

Birthday Number Cake Giraffe

Bec-A-Licious Cakes

5. Candy Number Cake

Why not put everything but the kitchen sink on a birthday cake? This second birthday cake features all of your favorite sweet treats, including chocolate bars, cookies, and fruity candies. Talk about a sugar rush!

Birthday Number Cake Candy Cake

Frances Quinn

6. Oreo Number Cake

Some people love cake, and others love cookies. Why not have the best of both worlds? This chocolate cake features a load of Oreos and cookies-and-cream candies in both the filling and the topping.

Birthday Number Cakes: Oreos

Bake to the Roots