Big Foot Mama

We all know that women’s feet swell up during pregnancy, but did you know that they actually grow in length!

A new study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation revealed that the majority of pregnant women who participated in the study actually saw their feet grow during pregnancy. Researchers claim that the growth is due to the loss of the foot’s arch, which is a common occurence for women who are pregnant, and may actually be permanent.

It is said that on average, a woman’s foot can grow by a half size or more during pregnancy. Bret Ribotsky, president of the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine, claims: “The same hormones that are released to relax the pelvic area also loosen the ligaments in the foot.  In addition, the increased body weight of pregnancy lowers the arches, further adding to the foot’s length and width.”

Not only does the increase in foot length mean that some mom’s have to buy new shoes, but it may also mean that they are more susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders. 

“We know that women, and especially women who have had children, are disproportionately affected by musculoskeletal disorders,” study researcher Dr. Neil Segal, M.D., associate professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation at the University of Iowa, said in a statement. “It is possible that these foot changes that occur during pregnancy may help explain why, in comparison with men, women are at higher risk for pain or arthritis in their feet, knees, hips and spines.”