Beyonce’s Baby Will Be Bouncing For Sure!

With all of that music around them, Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby will be bouncing for sure.   I can just envision little B or J bopping his or her head to the beat inside the womb!  Sure to have rhythm, a great voice and looks that’ll kill, we can’t wait for this little one to pop on the scene.

What will baby BJ look like?

Well the folks at made this mashup from the stars’ photos as soon as they heard the news!   The left photo is if baby looks more like JayZ and the one on the right is if baby favors Mommy B.  What do you think?  Either way, there’s a cutie pie in the making.

What should their gifts look like?

We think that they should be musical, of course!  And we’ve got a few baby gift suggestions from the Stork that will have Mom, Dad and baby snapping their fingers to the beat of these wonderful well wishes.  From the sterling silver heart-shaped rattle to the pull-string lullaby teddy bear, these musical gifts rock!

Sure, they won’t compare to being lulled to sleep by Beyonce, but we think they come pretty darn close!