Better In Than Out? How To Make The World Feel Like The Womb

baby-crying2.jpgWhile the rest of us grownups have had the chance to get used to this big, bad world, your little baby is just beginning to get comfortable in these new surroundings.  Leaving the cozy comfort of their aquatic abode must have been a rude awakening.  I’m sure if babies could talk, many of them would say it’s better in that out! But, you can change that with these simple soothing techniques from Parents Magazine.

1. Swaddling

Wrapping your baby as snug as a bug in a rug satisfies his longing for the tight fit of your uterus. There are plenty of other benefits, too!  Swaddling with baby blankets controls jerky, reflexive movements that can lead to crying and can help baby sleep longer (just make sure he doesn’t get overheated.)

2. Side (or stomach) position

Putting a fussy baby down on his back or holding him lying on his back can create a falling sensation, startling baby and leading to more crying. Holding your baby on her side or stomach is calming. However, always put your baby to sleep on her back.

sleep-sheep.jpg3. Shushing

People tend to want to be quiet around babies, but a loud, harsh shh can be music to baby’s ears. It mimics the whooshing sound of your blood flow that your baby heard in the womb. Creating “white noise” with a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or a soothing sounds toy (like this lamb on the right) also works to stop baby’s cries.

4. Swinging

After nine months of floating along, the world can seem like a pretty dry and motionless place.  The stillness of lying in a crib can drive them crazy. Rhythmic, vigorous motion has an almost hypnotic effect for baby. Automatic swings, bouncy seats, car rides, rocking your baby, or walking while carrying your baby in a sling all give the feeling of motion.

5. Sucking

Offer your baby a nipple, bottle or pacifier to suck on. It releases natural, calming chemicals in your baby’s brain.