Beach Bum Baby!

It’s that time of the year where we are all dreaming of blue skies and even bluer water!

It’s that time of the year where we are all dreaming of blue skies and even bluer water! Whether you are planning a great family vacation to the beach or just a day outing with your baby to the neighborhood pool, there are a few essentials that you must bring along for you and your little one.

Get your baby ready for the beach this summer with these baby products:

1. Mustela SPF 50 Water-Resistant Sun Cream For Sensitive Areas

There is nothing smoother and softer than a baby’s skin! So be sure to protect your baby’s skin from the sun with a water-resistant sun cream like this one made by Mustela.  It stays on whether playing in the water or out of the water, and the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide effective SPF 50 to prevent burns.

This baby float is perfect for pool time with your baby.  Not only is it totally cool looking built like a little spacecraft, but it has a built in canopy to provide sun coverage and a diaper-style seat that is comfortable and smooth for your little one. It’s made with durable 12-gauge vinyl and measures 32-inches by 38-inches.

3. “Beach Buddies” 3-Piece Bathtime Bucket Gift Set

This gift set has it all! With a light-blue hooded terry towel, white terry spa slippers, and a sea-foam blue plush octopus all in a little yellow bucket, this is a must-have for your next pool or beach outing with baby!

4. California Baby Swimmer’s Defense Shampoo & Body Wash

This gentle shampoo and body wash is definitely going to be needed after your pool or beach trip with baby!  It will remove all that chlorine or salt water and add moisture back to your baby’s hair and skin.  The all-natural ingredients work gently and are soothing to your little one, as well as making him or her smell so fresh and clean! And best of all, you can use it too!