Baby Spas Pamper The Ones Wearing Pampers!

baby-spa.jpgSoothing candles. Tranquil music. The delicate aroma of lavender floating under your baby’s nose. That’s right! No longer are the soothing pleasures of the spa reserved for adults. Babies are now getting in some much-needed pampering. After all, it’s got to be stressful doing all of that baby stuff, right?

Fussy babies are taking advantage of these soothing treatments to calm the senses. Gone are the days when parents would drive the baby around all night in the car to get them to fall asleep. One Los Angeles spa offers over 25 different services, ranging from baby massage, baby yoga, baby sign language, brain awakening through classical music and baby chakra chi. During spa time, they align the baby’s chakras through warm towels while a trance-type of music plays in the background. It designed to bring the baby to a state of calmness.

Oher treatments are also offered that help with the baby’s balance and exercise. My personal favorite is the “Spaghetti Massage” performed at a baby spa in Atlanta. To stimulate the senses, babies are allowed to roll around in warm spaghetti. It’s infant nirvana at its best!

lullaby-cd.jpgduck-bath-set.jpgBut since most of the sessions start at about $20, some parents may opt to calm the baby in a different way. This personalized lullaby CD is a great way to send your little one off to dreamland. After all, who would want to hear music that includes their name? Or have some stimulating fun at bath time with this little duckie bath gift set. It includes lots of items to have a quackin’ good time!