Baby Sleep Positions

When it comes to sleeping, how compatible are you with your spouse or partner? Well, according to this survey, more than a quarter of cohabitating adults in the United States report that their partner’s sleep problems are negatively impacting their quality of sleep.  Now, how about when you add a baby to the mix? I’m sure most parents are well aware of what happens when you add that precious component to the equation.  

Recently, created a graphic representation of strange sleep positions that you might find yourself encountering when bringing baby to bed with you. 

Author and creator, Andy, claims; “We first had the idea about creating co-sleeping diagrams when we spoke about how little sleep we both got. Each of us co-slept to varying degrees but anytime our babies slept on or near us, we noticed how utterly uncomfortable we were.”

Check out these hilarious Baby Sleep Positions and see if any of them are vaguely familiar to you.

“The Roundhouse Kick”

“The Stalker”

“The Neck Scarf”

“H Is for Hell”