Baby Showers for 2nd and 3rd-Time Moms are “Baby Sprinkles!”

pregnant-mom-and-kid2.jpgI know it’s hard to recreate the excitement surrounding a first baby, but that shouldn’t mean that Moms pregnant with their second or third babies and beyond be deprived of a celebration, both for Mom and the new baby. The latest baby trend is recognizing repeat moms with a “sprinkle” instead of a shower, where she gets a sprinkle of baby gifts to augment the baby supplies she and Dad have already amassed. If nothing else, it’s a great reason to party! Maybe if her first shower was girls’ club only, this second one can be a coed get-together with a barbecue or pool party.

diaper-cake.jpgSo what great baby shower gifts can you bring to a baby sprinkle? Well, what do new babies need that always need replenishing? They’ll need diapers and wipes. (NOTE to “sprinkle” hosts: Diaper Cakes make gorgeous centerpieces!) How about a gift basket with shampoo, moisturizer, diaper rash cream, powder, some new pacifiers and teething toys? Every new baby should have a keepsake photo album especially for her–or him!

childsduffle.jpg What else can you bring? Well, if this is a Baby Sprinkle, that means there’s an older brother, sister or both at home. Don’t forget little gifts for those siblings so they don’t feel left out. Something like these cute, personalized dufflebags will make them feel both special and grown up. Bottom line–every child deserves to be celebrated!