Baby Shower Themes for 2012

It’s the start of a new year and many of us have a special friend or family member who is expecting to bring a new life into the world this year.


It’s the start of a new year and many of us have a special friend or family member who is expecting to bring a new life into the world this year. If you are already thinking about planning a baby shower for that special someone then consider using one of these unique themes in your planning:

Tea Party:

If your expecting friend loves an excuse to get dressed up, a tea party is the perfect theme for her shower. Use white tablecloths, vintage china, and fresh flower arrangements to set the mood. Ask all of the guests to come dressed up- and you could make it even more fun by asking everyone to speak only in British accents during the shower!  Have tea and sparkling water to drink, and prepare scones, fresh fruit, salad, and other fancy hors d’oeuvres to eat.  Your friend will never forget this special gathering and you can guarantee she and her friends will be talking about the shower for a long time to come.

All About Mom:

For those of you who are wondering how to make a shower unique for a friend who is having her second, third, or even fourth child, you should consider a “mommy shower” theme.  This not only is a wonderful way for the expecting Mom to be pampered, but also provides her with very practical gifts that will make her life a little easier.  Instead of buying baby gifts (that she probably already has an abundance of), tell the guests to bring gifts centered around pampering Mom- like comfy clothes, lotion and perfume gift sets, candles, gift certificates, etc.  She will be so appreciative and all of her friends will delight in the fact that she can take time to care for herself before the new baby comes.

All Things Green:

And I don’t mean the color! Although, a color-themed baby shower is also a great idea; what I am talking about here is green, Eco-friendly, Earth loving-care-share.  If the expecting Mom is Earth conscious, and all about re-duce, re-use, and re-cycle, then this is the shower theme for her.  Start this Eco-shower by using recycled paper invitations, and invite the guests to bring “second-hand” gifts for the mommy-to-be.  Ask them to wrap their gifts with recycled materials such as brown bags or newspaper.  There should be no hint of plastic at this shower, so glasses, plates, and silverware only, please! And have a compost bin handy and ready for all fruit refuse, and food scraps.

Books for Baby and Mommy Too:

A Book Shower is a great idea for your expecting friend who loves to read- and can still appreciate the value of a physical, paper-back book in our time of e-books, kindles, and the like.  Invite guests to bring books; whether they are old favorites ready to be passed on, or new ones for mom and baby to enjoy. Incorporate a fairytale theme or garden party theme with your shower and decorate accordingly.  With libraries closing all over the country and the digitalization of nearly all information, books might become a thing of the past. This shower will “download” your friend, and her child, with enough books to last a lifetime!

Yummy for Her Tummy:

If your special friend and mom-to-be is having all sorts of crazy cravings during her pregnancy, then take advantage of this shower theme! This is your chance to overwhelm the mom-to-be with all of the sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey foods she and her baby can’t seem to get enough of.  Ask all of the guests to bring a sweet treat that Mom is sure to love, and also invite them to make their favorite cooked, freezable dish so that Mom will have an abundant supply of food for whenever it may be needed.  This is especially important if your friend is having a difficult time moving around or getting up and around during this time in her pregnancy.  She will be so grateful for the quick and easy snack and meal options thanks to you and all of her wonderful friends and family.