Baby Shower Power for the Stay-at Home Dad!

dad-and-baby-hands-1a.jpgWhat’s the likelihood that a Dad-to-be will have the sole responsibility to register for baby necessities and gifts for their upcoming baby shower? Slim to none, I suspect, which is why was a little curious about a recent article I discovered on, where else, the Internet. It was a list of do’s and don’t for dads doing the registering. After having read it, though, I thought there were some really great ideas for anyone who’s about to take that trip down the baby store aisles, and I decided to pass them along to you. Here goes:

Bring a friend that has recently had a baby to offer tips on what you need, how much you need, and what to avoid.
Pick out as much stuff as you’d like. Gift givers love having lots of baby gift options in lots of price ranges.
Don’t reveal the sex of the baby even if you know. Personally, I think this is really clever, especially for peopleyellowpj.jpg who are planning to have more than one child. If everyone knows you’re going to have a boy, everything you get will be blue. If they don’t know your baby’s gender, you’ll get green and yellow pajamas and outfits, plush teddy bears and gender-neutral toys, and you’ll be all set with hand-me-downs.
Test the items in the store. Try out the stroller. Fiddle with the car seat to make sure it’s easy to operate.
Plan for the future. You’ll eventually need a potty chair and a forward-facing car seat.
Don’t lose the receipts. Even though you’ve registered, it’s possible you’ll wind up with two of the same things. One can always be exchanged for disposable diapers or formula.
pramboxes_b_s2.jpgDad, go to the shower. Enjoy being part of it. Help get the giant box with the portable crib out of Aunt Cornelia’s car.
Don’t expect cash. It’s not a birthday or a bar mitzvah.
Keep a detailed list of what you received and who gave it to you. You might want to keep the list of names and addresses in your computer. You can create mailing labels for the thank-you notes, and you’ll have all the names and addresses ready to go when the time comes to send out birth announcements.
Let your baby shower guests know, in no uncertain terms, how very much you appreciate all the gifts and the givers themselves. Besides being caring, generous family and friends, they’ve saved you a bundle!