Baby Shower For Animals Draws Thousands

animal-baby-shower-party-favors.jpgMr. Christopher once again tuning in. In Canfield, Ohio there was a baby shower unlike any other. The guests weren’t asked to bring any baby gift and the hosts didn’t offer any baby shower favors to their guests. Matter of fact, the hosts never spoke one word to the guests during the entire visit. The best part is that the hosts got to act like complete animals. And that’s because they were animals.

Once a year for the past 16 years, Mill Creeks Metroparks Farms holds it annual Animal Baby Shower where adults and children can gather to meet the newborn animals and spend up close and personal time with a variety of animals from baby ducks to calves and even baby goats. About 5000 people showed up for the opening day this year for the event that usually takes plave the first week in April.

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