Baby Shower Centerpiece Fits Parents’ Passion

golfbagdiapercake.jpgTalk about customization! When you throw your next baby shower, instead of using a run-of-the-mill diaper cake centerpiece with a couple of plush toys and lots of newborn diapers, just find out what baby’s mom and dad love to do and get a diaper cake that makes their new arrival part of the fun! Take a look at the diaper cake at the left. If mom and dad’s passion is playing golf, choose the diaper cake that presents baby with a golf bag, thematic toys, a cozy blanket–oh, yes, and diapers, too!

gonefishing-diaper-cake.jpg Not golfers? Maybe they like the less strenuous sport of fishing. There’s a diaper cake for that, too! The beautifully crafted “Gone Fishin'” Diaper Cake has baby’s first tackle box, plush fish, a bait bucket, a squeezable fishing pole, a soft blanket and diapers.

Celebrate Mater’s Alma Mater!

collegiatediapercake.jpg So mom and dad are passionate about opera. Well, right now there’s not a baby shower centerpiece to accommodate that. So go to plan B! Where did mom or dad go to college? Maybe mom and dad are huge college football fans, watching their team play every autumn weekend. Yes, we have baby shower cakes that not only honor mom and dad’ s favorite team, baby gets team booties and a team t-shirt along with lots of other goodies–and diapers!

For Parents Who Want to Bee Natural…

burtsclothdiapercake.jpg Now, more than ever, moms and dads are looking for natural products to care for their baby. Why not give them some of the best in a Burt’s Bees Diaper Cake? This earth-friendly diaper cake includes an assortment of Burt’s special baby bubble bath, apricot baby oil, buttermilk bath, baby comb, diaper ointment cream, dusting powder, shampoo and wash, and buttermilk lotion. And, of course, cloth diapers.

If you want to see lots of exciting, creatively designed diaper cakes, head to Corner Stork Baby Gifts. Their selection of diaper cakes, perfect for baby shower centerpieces or simply as baby gifts, is growing every day–just like baby!