Baby Pilot Lands at Corner Stork with More Amazing Baby Gifts!

Friends, I have waited for this moment for quite a while now! I got a sneak preview of Baby Aspen’s new, unique baby gifts, and I have fallen in love with the latest addition to their “Big Dreamzzz” sleep-set collection! Along with the mega-cute Baby Pilot, several other spectacular gifts were launched on Corner Stork this morning, and I can’t wait to show them to you!

Don’t you love the detail on Baby Pilot–the goggles on the retro pilot’s cap, the stripes on the sleeves, the wings on the front, and those snappy black boots? If the new parents are commercial or military pilots, aviation enthusiasts, flight attendants, frequent flyers, or simply a couple who appreciates the cutest in baby clothes, this is a “dreamzzz” come true!

Mais Oui, Mon Amie!

From the spectacular City of Lights, allow me to present Monsieur leSqueak and Blankie Fantastique! Monsieur leSqueak is a happily huggable plush mouse, and he’s holding a blanket designed to look like Swiss cheese.  Kudos to the visionary artists at Baby Aspen for continually coming up with extraordinary gift designs that make you want to be there when the parents open the gift,  so you can see the looks on their faces! You’ll know instantly how much they love your gift!

Inspired by Animal Planet?

Baby Aspen designers have always been wild about animals, and their fall launch maintains the tradition. (See mouse above.) From oceans to ponds, from jungles to forests, and everything in between, no animal escapes the keen eyes of those artists. Not long ago, they even made terry robe inspired by a toothy shark. (You’ll find “Let the Fin Begin” Hooded Terry Shark Robe in pink and blue on our site!) They just added the “sLEAPY Baby” Frog Snuggle Sack to their critter-cute collection of snuggle sacks. That’s it on the left.  Snuggle sacks are a super alternative to blankets for sleeping babies, and these cozy sacks let them snooze in style!

Did you catch the detail–a little pink tongue with elastic inside so it stretches! They really think of everything, don’t they! Just one more gift to show you–this one is for a tiny tot’s tootsies! It’s called “Safari Socks”, and the gift set has four pairs of animal-print baby socks. Like other Baby Aspen gifts, the socks are fashionable, fun and, best of all, affordable! Check them out in the photo below, and then go check them out on Corner Stork! Remember to have fun today!