Baby Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Love

Just because your baby can’t quite say “Trick or Treat” yet, doesn’t mean the little one can’t enjoy Halloween. Whether you’re staying at home handing out candy or spending the day at a family-friendly outdoor event, your baby can dress the part. These baby Halloween costume ideas will have everyone going “Awwww.”

1. Baby Shark

Your baby shark will be way more adorable than scary. The mittens will keep his little hands warm. The shark hoodie comes in both blue and pink, classic colors for girls and boys.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Shark

2. Cozy Teddy Bear

No one will be able to resist oohing and ahhing at your little fluffy teddy bear. The snuggle blanket is reversible with fluffy fur on one side and a sweet pattern on the other.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Cozy Bear

3. Pretty Princess

She’s your little princess, so why not dress her up as one? The headband has a soft tiara so everyone who sees her knows who’s boss.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Princess

4. Baby Firefighter

Start your little boy or girl’s desire to be a hero early on in life. The firefighter hat is soft so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Firefighter

5. Baseball Player

It doesn’t get much cuter than this adorable baseball player uniform, complete with a “Baby All-Star” baseball cap.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Baseball Player

6. Baby Chef

Nurture your future Top Chef with this adorable baby chef outfit. The little chef’s hat is too cute for words.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas: Chef