Baby Gift From Granny? What Were You Thinking!

x-rated-teddy.jpgI’m amazed that anyone, let alone a grandmother, would give this teddy bear to a child.

A teddy bear seems innocent enough for a baby gift, right? But take a closer look where “X” marks the spot. My goodness! I know…it’s anatomically correct, but what in the world was Grandma thinking? For obvious reasons, the identify of the bear in question has been hidden.

The shocked and surprised mother of the 8-month-old boy for whom the gift was purchased explains, “When touring an art museum in Europe, my Mom purchased this gift to mail back to her 8-month-old grandson. Imagine—a blue stuffed teddy bear with rather prominent manly parts. I was shocked. We’re still not exactly sure what her intentions were, and frankly, we feel a little awkward asking.”

Awkward is right! Sometimes, grandparents seem to lose their minds when it comes to the grandchildren, often indulging a sweet treat or letting the grandkids stay up past their bedtime. But that is nothing compared to this. I’m sure this bear will never see the light of day again. This is definitely a case of “Grandparents Behaving Badly.”

first-sport-bag.jpgmotorcycle-bank.jpgFor those grandparents looking for a better way to spoil their grandsons rotten, why not try these baby gifts instead? If you think baby boy will have a head for sports, this “My First Sports Bag” will be a hit! Complete with four soft balls for soccer, baseball, football and basketball and a plush bag that is handy for traveling. Speaking of traveling, giving this pewter motorcycle bank is always a fun ride! The detail is amazing, as it balances on its own kickstand. Either of these would be great gifts for a grandson!

If you’ve been the victim of grandparents behaving badly, drop us a line. We’d love to know about it!