Baby Bumps Gone at 2009 Golden Globes

beyonce.jpgOkay. So I didn’t watch the telecast from beginning to end, but I have been watching news coverage and seeing photos on the Internet, and I noticed something interesting. All those baby bumps we’ve been seeing at Hollywood awards show after awards show after awards show (yes, there are way too many of them) were virtually non-existent at the Golden Globes. Whether their gowns were gorgeous or butt-ugly (as in, “What were you thinking??) they were all clearly not designed to accommodate a potruding belly. It seemed like everyone in Hollywood, including a couple of the men, gave birth to a baby or two over the last couple of years. So what’s up?


I wonder if it’s no longer fashionable to be pregnant in Tinseltown. Apparently, the celebrity womb one-upsmanship is winding down. And darn it, the stars who had only one baby per pregnancy were less photographed, publicized and blogged about than the stars who had twins (think J-Lo and Angelina.) I guess when they’d all gotten as much press out of their pregnancies as was humanly possible, it wasn’t worth the effort to continue. After all, everyone who was anyone was getting pregnant. So—is the fad dead, or just busy making another film? What do you think?


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