Baby Borat Arrives! Sacha Baron Cohen Welcomes Newborn.

sacha_baron_cohen.jpgThere’s only one thing I like to talk about more than baby gifts and that’s celebrity newborn babies! An Australian news source reports that 36 year old Sacha Baron Cohen and his 31 year old bride Isla Fisher welcomed their newborn into the world. No mention as to whether it was a boy or a girl though, but you can bet things are about to get very funny.

Sacha is most well known for his “fake documentaries” and playing the part of faux reporters such as rapper and talk show host Ali G on HBO’s award winning Da Ali G Show, but he is also more popularly known as immigrant Borat. Sacha also does guest spots in movies from time to time and was last seen as Will Ferrell’s arch nemesis in Talladega Nights as a gay French racer. Isla on the other hand has started finding success in Hollywood in various films. Her career began in Australia appearing in TV programs when she starred in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. Stateside, she also had a part in Wedding Crashers as Vince Vaughn’s hyperactive love interest.

But Isla has decided that he next big part is playing mommy for the next few years of her life. “There is no way I am going to worry about missing out on work or the pressure to lose weight,” she said. “At the moment I am not even planning any work. As far as I am concerned I am fully booked up in my personal life and I can’t see beyond that. I plan on just coloring in books. I’ll focus on that for the next few years.”

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