Babies Kick Up Their High Heels For This Shoe!

baby-stilettos.jpgStilettos for babies?

I have to tell you that when I first heard of high-heel shoes for newborns, the notion sounded absurd. It was like “Sex In The City” had a train wreck on “Sesame Street.” The two just don’t seem to go together. Instead of the pitter-patter of little feet, would you hear the click-clack of high heels?

But then I got a look at these too-cute crib shoes and thought otherwise. They are completely soft and pose no threat to the baby. Traipsing on the scene with mixed reviews, it’s a novelty that’s sure to garner many second looks and stares, but ultimately a hearty chuckle as little girls enjoy the big fashion of leopard or zebra print shoes along with the ever-so-classic black patent pump. Perfect for your boutique baby, these “Heelarious” shoes, as they are so aptly named, are the next generation crib shoes that say, “It’s never too soon to start playing dress-up!”

baby-shoe.jpgbaby-booties.jpgFor those who may not want to take a walk on the wild side with these baby stilettos, try these shoes and booties on for size. These are sensible shoes (Wow! Who would have thought that term would be used for baby shoes instead of shoes for senior citizens?) with just as much cuteness! Your polka dot princess will be dressed to the nines in these adorable baby shoes. Or if booties are more your thing, try these sweet-as-can-be Mary Jane booties for your little darling.