BABIES! Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

We all love babies, don’t we? Yes! All the time? No. Babies, particularly crying babies, aren’t so cute when you’re seated next to one on an airplane or when mom brings her newborn to the movie theater.  How about four babies in a movie theater, exercising their new little lungs?

Due to be released in 2010, Babies: The Movie is described as “a visually stunning and joyful new film that simultaneously chronicles the lives of four of the world’s newest human inhabitants – in Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco, and Tokyo, respectively — from first breath to first steps, on a journey at once universal and amazingly original.”

Judging from the trailer, the movie delivers on its promise to be visually stunning. We, as the audience, get a rare look at parenting in other countries and watch how babies develop skills. By the end of the movie, we’ll want to run out and buy them all first birthday gifts!

Here’s a peek at Babies: The Movie:

Who could have imagined we’d pay money to hear babies crying in a theater!