Are You Itching To Learn About Trendsetting Baby Styles for 2010?

BabyGlobeAccording to one retailer of baby clothes, Dawn Torress, who has eight years’ experience running her own online baby boutique,  infant fashion for 2010 will be highly influenced by social responsibility.

She says, “Parents have a new sense of social awareness and are optimistic for what the future holds for our children. They continue to want the best for their babies, but what’s changing is what they consider “best.”

A Change for the Better!

The new “best,” Torress says, is unique baby clothes that are free trade, sweat-shop free, preferably made in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe or Australia. And the best is even better if it’s eco-friendly, made from sustainable fabric, organics and bamboo. The new fabrics are richly colored and ultra-soft against baby’s delicate skin.

I wholeheartedly agree with her. What a wonderful opportunity for parents to “think globally and act locally!” Every positive thing we do to improve the economics and sustainability of our planet, no matter how small you think it may be, is one more step in the right direction. The fact that these new sustainable fabrics are less scratchy and more comfortable for baby makes them doubly worthwhile.

What’s Hot for Tots?

Pink Girl dressBlue Boy OutfitStyles for baby clothes this year, Torress says, are “preciously classic, yet relaxed.” Warm pinks and sky blues are in again with argyle and kimono side ties. Colorful whimsy prints—orange owls, rich chocolate trims, turquoise guitars and animal prints are now popular, too, especially among celebrities in Los Angeles, where Torress is based. Little girl dresses are taking their inspiration from “the storybooks of Renaissance princesses and a midsummer’s night dream.”

Of course, with their sense of style as yet undeveloped, babies determine their favorite fashions using the “itch” factor. If it doesn’t itch, baby’s good to go!