An Ultra Violet Nursery Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year

When Pantone announced that the color of 2018 was ultra violet, many people in the fashion and design world were surprised with such a bold choice. Despite the vibrancy of the color, it’s popping up everywhere and inspiring design decisions in every room of the house – even in nurseries for little ones. Today we’re sharing different ways to decorate an ultra violet nursery.

Design in the Details

An ultra violet nursery doesn’t have to have rich purple walls or a bright violet crib to work. In fact, just including the color in some of the details of the room will do the trick. A sweet Wisteria-inspired mobile hanging above your little one’s crib will be a perfect pop of ultra violet and will give her something pretty to look at as she drifts off to sleep.

Cute Clothing

No nursery theme is complete without clothing and accessories to match! In the case of an ultra violet nursery, purple bows, bibs, onesies and dresses will add the perfect extra color to the room and will bring the ultra violet nursery theme into her closet and dresser.

A Pop of Purple

Because ultra violet can be a color that is a little vibrant for some, choose just a few pieces that feature the color to add into the space. An ultra violet ottoman is a perfect piece to add to the room – it adds style and function while following the room’s theme. And when paired with neutral furniture and a few other pops of color, it can really stand out as a statement piece.

Large Scale Art

If you want to add some ultra violet in your space without committing to a piece of furniture, consider a piece of artwork that has the color in it. A large-scale piece of art above the crib can bring the perfect splash of color and can make a big impact on the room. Choose something abstract that you can pull other colors from to incorporate into the space to create a really cohesive look.

Or Smaller Scale Art Pieces

If you’re not wanting to commit to a large scale piece of art for your ultra violet nursery, find a few different small-scale art pieces to group together on the walls of the nursery. That way you can change them out without having to invest a lot of time or money.

Warm Up the Floors with an Ultra Violet Rug

Another wonderful way to bring the ultra violet hue into a room is with floor coverings. With thousands of options, there is sure to be a purple rug that fits the style and design of your nursery. From Persian inspired rugs to more modern prints, a rug can really make an impact on a room and would be the perfect way to incorporate ultra violet in a practical way.

Make Playtime Pop

Playtime is already fun, but add some extra pep to it with ultra violet playroom details! A purple play table is a fun place to color, build with blocks or have storytime. It would add color and function to the space without being too overwhelming.

Sweet, Ultra Violet Dreams

There’s no better way to change out color and pattern in your nursery than with crib bedding, and it’s no different when you’re decorating an ultra violet nursery. Sheets are an easy way to incorporate color that you wouldn’t normally use in the room because they can easily and cost-effectively be changed out when your style or taste changes. She’ll have sweet dreams with sheets that have an ultra violet hue to them.

An Impactful Design

Are you looking to really embrace the ultra violet trend? Then go all out with an impactful purple nursery design. A bold, wallpapered wall stands as a backdrop for the nursery while rugs, curtains and accessories add an extra punch of ultra violet to the room. Your little one will have a creative and colorful place to learn and grow.

While the color of the year is a bold one, there are still wonderful ways to have an ultra violet nursery without going over the top. Will you be embracing the ultra violet trend? Share in the comments!

Ultra Violet Nursery Collage | An Ultra Violet Nursery Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Ultra Violet Nursery Colors | An Ultra Violet Nursery Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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