An Out of This World Star Wars Inspired Kid’s Room

With the arrival of the new Star Wars film, people (and stores) everywhere are giving into the anticipation with all things Star Wars themed. If you have a child who’s a fan, now is the time to design an out of this world Star Wars inspired kid’s room!

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Start with light gray walls and finish the ceiling with deep blue paint speckled with stars. Add to the galaxy even more with an R2-D2 Home Planetarium that casts stars on the ceiling. Your little one will love it!

Favorite Characters

There are so many ways to add in favorite Star Wars characters into your room. From the design on the rug to pillows shaped like their favorite droids. Transform every day pieces into characters as well. A plain white dresser easily becomes R2-D2 and letters can be DIYed into their favorite characters as well.

Out of this World Art

Looking for subtle but appropriate artwork? Blueprint designs of the Millennium Falcon or simple drawings of the Death Star make a huge impact and will have your little one dreaming of galaxies far, far away.

Incorporate these fun details into your space, and you’ll have a room that your little one will want to play in all day!



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