All the Little Babies Love “Lollipop Loungewear!”

When they’re not sleeping, eating, crying and pooping, babies just love to kick back, relax and wonder what the heck is going on. I mean, they’re not in their comfort zone anymore, so they have to contemplate their next steps in life. And they’d like to do it in style, if at all possible. (What? You don’t think babies can be style-conscious? Have you considered that baby might not be crying because it’s past time to be changed? It’s entirely possible those tears reflect the honest emotions of a baby wearing an outfit chosen by Mom, whose sense of style is so last year. What will the other babies think?) That’s where you come in.


How to Foster Hip Baby Fashion

Save the day with a unique baby gift that’s sweetness and style wrapped in a smile! “Lollipop Loungewear,” brand-new and beautiful from Baby Aspen, is a brightly colored, three-piece layette set for the newborn jet set. The snappy hues are the perfect stimulation for contemplation, and the top-and-bottom style gives baby a break from that long parade of onesies.

What’s more, you don’t need to gift-wrap “Lollipop Loungewear.” The adorable lollipop gift presentation stands on its own, and besides, it would be awful tough to wrap with the lollipop stick tearing through the paper every time you try to wrap it. I’m hoping this is the first of a long line of “Lollipop Loungewear” from Baby Aspen—my sweet tooth is screaming with joy just thinking about all the “flavor” combinations still out there!