Aim To “Peas” with This Themed Baby Shower “Poddy”

Okay, I admit it. I went overboard with the cutesy factor in the title. That said, if you actually do aim to please with your baby shower party, I highly recommend a “Sweet Pea” theme! So cute, and every guest gets a full serving of veggies—peas, of course! Here’s what you’ll need in the way of baby shower supplies:


Coordinated baby shower supplies make it easy for you to support your theme from beginning to end.  Imagine your shower supplies sporting that adorable little fresh-from-the-garden sweet pea sitting in a pod! Let’s start with the invitations, since that’s where you’ll most likely start.

The Sweet Pea invitations are blank, so you can create your own. Of course, you’ll want to include the name of the guest of honor, the time, date and location of the event, RSVP contact information, and where the new mom or mom-to-be is registered.

Need a little something to put at the top? Here’s a little poem you can use:

“Fresh from the Pod, And Cute as Can Be! Come Help Us Welcome, A Little Sweet Pea!”

Plates, Cups and Napkins

First, a little topical joke:

Q: Why did man put veggies all over the world?
A: He wanted peas on earth.

And we’re back! Of course, you’ll need plates, cups and napkins, and they’re out there waiting for you! As long as we’re on the subject of food (in a roundabout way), it would be nice if you could include at least one dish made of peas. There’s actually a Web site dedicated to peas (, and it’s loaded with recipes that feature peas. There’s one recipe, Pea Chili in Taco Shells, that looks really good!

Baby Shower Favors


I bet you thought it would be tough to come up with pea-themed baby shower favors, but we’ve got you covered. Usually, pea-themed favors are for twins—two peas in a pod. While it’s cool to be able to use the cliche, it doesn’t work for the majority of moms who only have one baby at a time. That’s why I’m happy to show you this cute “Pea Pod” Baby Shower Favor Kit. It goes perfectly with the theme, and it saves you some money, because the do-it-yourself kit comes with everything you need to assemble the pod. You simply have to fill each one with a yummy candy.


Baby Shower Gift

Not only can you host a heartwarming shower, you can also give the expectant mom the most theme-coordinated gift of the day. Take a look at the “Fresh Produce” Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set! The authentic woven-wood basket holds  a 24 ½ ” x 28 ¾ ” blanket, footed PJ’s, cap, bib and pea-pod rattle. The colors work for a boy or a girl, and the clothes are machine-washable 100% cotton. You are so going to shine!

Thank-You Notes

Since you’re hosting the shower, it’s not really necessary for you to buy thank-you notes, because the guest of honor will be handling the thank-yous after the shower is over. But it’s such a cute theme, you just might want to go ahead and purchase the Sweet Pea thank-you notes for the mom so she can use the same sweet images that made your shower so “peasing” and memorable!