Adorable Animal Décor to Add to the Nursery

Have you decided on an animal theme for your nursery? Perhaps you love the adventure of the jungle or the wonder of a circus. When you picked your theme, you likely had an easy time coming up with wallpaper or stuffed animal ideas, but what about the rest of the room? There are fun and adorable ways to incorporate animals into your baby's new bedroom.

1. Dinosaur Ceramic Planter

Fit animals amidst the books of your child's shelves. This dinosaur ceramic planter will add a fun element to any surface. Fill it with soft succulents or use it as a trinket or candy dish.

Dino Ceramic Planter

2. Shark Bank

Next to your dino planter, how about a shark bank? Porcelain banks are no longer shaped solely like little piggies. Choose from a wide variety of animals that fit with your nursery's theme.

Shark Bank

3. Plush Sloth Chair

Baby will need something soft to cuddle with or sit on when they're ready to crawl and walk. Plop a sloth chair on the floor for a ready-made animal friend. It's squishy soft with incredibly comforting gray "fur"

4. Jungle Animals Wall Art

The space above the crib is a perfect place for some animal-themed wall art. This three-pack of jungle wall art comes with all of your favorite animals: a giraffe, zebra, and elephant. If you're featuring an accent wall covered in wallpaper, hang these on a plain wall opposite of that gorgeous design.

Jungle Wall Art

5. Fox Wall Clock

No boring clocks for Baby! Pick a wall clock that features your nursery animal of choice. This cute wall clock features the happy face of an adorable fox and fits happily in a Woodland themed room.

Fox Wall Clock