A Treehouse Inspired Kid’s Room

Cooler months means more time spent indoors and less outside exploring. If you have a child who loves nature and spending their summer days in a treehouse, these are a few ways to bring the outdoors in with a treehouse inspired kid’s room!

Bring the Indoors Inside

There are lots of fun ways to bring this room to life with branches. A branch lamp stand with a hanging pendant light, a branch curtain rod or a branch made to look like a tree is growing right inside the room will make your child feel like they’re in the great outdoors.

Treehouse Decor

For decor and bedding, a mix of camp and treehouse themed items will make for a cozy space to rest and play. Tree shaped pillows and summer camp inspired designs are perfect for this treehouse room.

And don’t forget the best part: the ladder up to the treehouse! Simple boards and rope create the perfect ladder that is the cherry on top of this fun kid’s room.

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