A Touch of Rustic Nursery Ideas

If you sort through most nursery inspiration boards on Pinterest, you’ll likely be bombarded with brightest, saturated shades from the color wheel. Traditionally, nurseries were either all pink or all blue. That aesthetic isn’t for everyone, though. If you’re looking for a baby room that features all of the best elements of nature, soothing design, and chic muted colors, try a rustic nursery. Best of all, rustic nurseries can be easily transformed as your child grows. Can’t picture it? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas to make this nursery extra special.

Colors of Nature

Not sure where to start? Have a look outside! You likely have pictures on your phone from your camping trips or cross-country road trips that celebrate the natural elements of the outdoors. That’s a good place to start when picking a rustic color scheme.

Ultimately, you’ll want lots of browns to mimic trees, rocks, and sand. It’s best to keep your walls light, like a white or cream, to keep the nursery bright and airy. You can use brown and tan accents to make the room feel more rustic and natural. Pick wall hangings, blankets, and furniture that rock these shades. For pops of color, go for forest or olive greens. A few well-placed potted plants do wonders for the room’s aesthetic.

Rustic Elements and Textures

Opt for natural wood as much as possible. Skip white cribs and changing tables. If you find a wood crib that has been painted white, spend a weekend sanding the paint away to show off the natural wood underneath.

Other materials perfect for a rustic nursery include rattan, leather, wicker, burlap, and acacia. Incorporate these elements in the rocking chair, cushions, and rug. If you’re feeling especially crafty, cover an entire accent wall in distressed wood slats, like in the collage below. This works great for the wall behind the crib.

Rustic Accessories

Aside from big furniture, like the crib, rocking chair, and changing table, there are lots of areas to add a bit of rustic charm. Pick a raw wood bookshelf for the wall, like the tree-shaped shelf below. Wood blocks will find a welcome home on a soft twine rug. For another wall centerpiece idea, you can mount a wooden plaque to the wall above the crib and attach a faux forest friend, like a deer head, or your little one’s name. Once baby’s rustic nursery is all set up, you’ll find peace sitting in nature with him or her as well.

Rustic Nursery Collage | A Touch of Rustic Nursery Ideas | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Rustic Nursery Color Scheme | A Touch of Rustic Nursery Ideas | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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