A Storybook Baby Shower

A trend in baby showers lately is to have each guest to bring a book instead of a card to help start a little library for baby. Take the trend one step further and center your theme around classic childhood storybooks.

Decorations for this theme are easily DIYed – book wreaths, pinwheels, garland and wall decor all made from children’s book pages turn out to be whimsical and fun. Quotes from your favorite books can be written on kraft paper and hung as wall decor or used as table coverings, and each guest can color a page for an ABC book for baby.

The food can be book themed too – each item can be made to match a story. Letter shaped cookies for an ABC book, yellow hat cupcakes for Curious George and rainbow Goldfish crackers for Rainbow Fish.

By the end of the shower, mom will have an entire library full of books to read to baby!

Story-Book-Baby-Shower- Story-Book-Baby-Shower-Coloers


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