A Prehistoric Dinosaur Nursery

Your little guy deserves a room filled with the things he loves, and if it’s dinosaurs that he’s into, this nursery is for him! Today we’re sharing ideas for a prehistoric dinosaur nursery.

Rawring Wallpaper

Make a statement on one of the walls of your little man’s dinosaur nursery with some fun wallpaper! Choose a pattern that fits the theme but isn’t too overwhelming.

Green dinosaur shapes on white wallpaper or jungle leaves on white are both great options that leave the room open to other design elements. They don’t overwhelm the space but add a bit of fun to one of the walls!

Clean Furniture, Colorful Accessories

With a nursery that you know is going to be full of colorful toys and decor, like ones you would find with a dinosaur theme, go neutral with your furniture choices!

Choose a crib, dresser, changing table and chair that are white or gray and can work with any color of accessories you decide to add into the space. A crisp white dresser will look great with a bright green dinosaur figurine on it. A white crib will make the dinosaur crib sheets pop that much more.

Once your basics have been chosen, start deciding on all of the accessories – like your crib sheets, lamps and rugs. Have fun with the colors in your accessories. It will create a fun space for your little one to learn and grow in!

Dino Clothing and Gifts

If you’re going with a dinosaur nursery theme, make sure your little guy has some clothing and toys to match the theme!

Look for an adorable dinosaur bathrobe that is perfect for cuddling in after bathtime.  Make mealtime more fun with a dinosaur bib set. And bonus! It also comes with mittens for baby, socks and an adorable dinosaur rattle.

Dinosaur blankets and pillows are another fun way to add to your theme! Find blanket prints that match the color and style of your prehistoric nursery. Use them wherever you go – in the car or in the stroller – it’ll carry his room theme throughout the day!

And don’t forget about accent pillows! Perfect for adding an extra touch of the nursery theme to your room, pillows can change up the look of the space. Find cute pillows with dinosaur-inspired words or colorful dinosaur prints that you can mix and match to add a little something extra to your dinosaur nursery.

A dinosaur nursery is one that your little guy will love through his baby, toddler and childhood years. It can grow as he does! With lots of color and dinosaur fun, he’ll have a blast in his dinosaur nursery.

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