A Lullaby Inspired Toddler Room

A toddler’s room should be a cozy place for her to play and sleep, and a lullaby inspired bedroom is a magical and dreamy place for her to do both.

Inspired By Lullabies

Classic nursery rhymes are the perfect place to start for inspiration. Songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and  Mary Had a Little Lamb have lovely verses to pull inspiration from. Sparkling stars and soft lamb stuffed animals can fill this space and lull her to sleep.

A Soft Space

Lullabies are sung to sooth and comfort your little one, so a bedroom inspired by these songs should do the same. A soft corner filled with star shaped pillows and lots of blankets is a great space to relax, read books and play with toys.

Sweet Colors

This lullaby inspired toddler room should host colors as soft and sweet as the songs it is inspired by. Soft pinks, yellows and grays are the perfect palette for this room. There’s even a line of paint called Lullaby Paints made specifically for nurseries and children’s rooms! Fill the room with these soft pastels to add the perfect amount of sweetness for your little one.

Lullaby Inspired Toddler Room


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