A Halloween Themed First Birthday

Your baby's first birthday is right around the corner and, as luck would have it, they were born during the spookiest time of year. The leaves are turning orange on the trees and the air is crisp with the scent of pumpkins and morning dew. That's right, it's time for Halloween. If you're planning a spooky Halloween themed first birthday party, we've got you covered on ideas and inspiration. These decorations, foods, and costumes celebrate the fun of Halloween without being too scary for your baby or other young guests. 

1. Halloween Party Decorations

Your first instinct might be to go with intense, spooky decorations for your party, but don't forget the age of your guest list. You can still pull out all the Halloween stops without the scares. Pick streamers and wall hangings in black and orange for the traditional Halloween color scheme. A few well-placed bats or cartoon spiders go a long way to making it holiday-appropriate. String up orange, green, and purple twinkle lights for some fun mood lighting.

Halloween Party Decorations

Linn Style

2. Costumes Galore

What's a Halloween party without costumes? Dress up your birthday girl or boy in a fun costume that doubles as cuddly pajamas. This Baby Chef outfit features a chef's hat and coat along with black and white checkered pants.

Baby Chef Costume

Bring out the hero in your baby with this Baby Firefighter set. It comes with a footy bodysuit and a matching firefighter's hat. This outfit is 100% cotton, so it's easy to clean up after a first birthday smash cake.

Baby Firefighter Costume

3. Spooky Snacks

No boring party food for you. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for spooky snacks. Guests can reach for a healthy munchable with these pumpkin-inspired oranges. Just stick thin celery spears inside peeled mandarin oranges.

Pumpkin Oranges

The Avenue

For a savory snack, turn regular pizza bagels scary with cheese in the shape of ghastly ghosts. Pizza is always a favorite for adults and children alike. Plus, the small size means they're the perfect handheld party food.

Pizza Bagels


4. Petrifying Punch

Don't forget the drinks. Just color your favorite clear beverage, like lemonade, with green food coloring. Add some mint for a bit of a kick and to make the punch look even more "swampy."

Swamp Punch


Guests will need something to hold their swamp water. Hand out these mason jar mugs to each guest. Get them personalized with the party details so everyone has a commemorative keepsake after your little one's Halloween first birthday bash.

Mason Jars