A Halloween Costume Inspired Birthday Party

If your child is lucky enough to celebrate his or her birthday in October, a Halloween costume inspired birthday party is a fun way to share the birthday fun!

A Costume Party for All Ages

Even if your little one is too young to pick their own Halloween costume, there are lots of fun options you can choose from. A mini chef, ballerina, fireman or pilot are adorable ways to celebrate Halloween.

Non-Ghoulish Games

The games ideas for a children’s Halloween costume party are endless. A pumpkin balloon wall makes the perfect dart game, pumpkin decorating is always a classic craft and pin the ‘Boo’ on the ghost is a Halloween party staple that you can’t skip! Most of these games can be adjusted to fit any age level, and your little guests will have fun Halloween memories.

Tricky Treats

Halloween is also a great time to get creative with your food! Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats, an Oreo dirt cup with gummy worms and other creepy treats will keep the kids spooked – but in a fun way!


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