A Gender Neutral Inspired Nursery

Pink or blue nurseries are so common, they’re practically expected from new parents. As soon as they find out the gender of their baby, everyone they know lines up to get them color-coded baby gifts. But what if you want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise? Or maybe you want to stick with a color palette that would look beautiful regardless of what it says on the birth certificate. A gender neutral nursery in shades of mint, warm gray, and gold keeps the baby’s room looking fresh and bright while avoiding those classic gender labeled colors.

Colorful Additions

Mint, a nice muted shade of green, creates a calming and natural atmosphere that will be welcome on long nights with a newborn baby. While mint is the most eye-popping color from this palette, you can be as ostentatious or sparing as you like. Paint the walls with this magical color, pick just one accent wall, or keep to mostly white with splashes of mint in the nursery decor. Quilts and rugs are a great way to add a splash of color.

For pops of coordinating colors, go for a warm gray and a gold or goldenrod yellow. Top shelves with gold accented bookends. You could even add figurines of gray elephants to represent an African safari. Cream adds a perfect base color for when you need something neutral to help the other colors stand out.

Stellar Wall Art

The walls of the nursery are easily forgotten, but often hold some of the most memorable items. With the gray in this color palette, you’re open to a wealth of black and white images to hang over the crib. Whether photographs or cartoon animals, the black and white will stand out amidst the mint. Take this opportunity to incorporate black and white pictures of family.

Geometric wall art, like a mint, gray, and cream chevron pattern, will grow with the baby. Though a picture of a cartoon lion might look great for the first few years of the baby’s life, a simple geometric pattern has staying power for even a future teenager’s room decor.

Touching Accents

The color scheme for a gender neutral nursery can also extend to the decor normally reserved for the primary colors. Skip the blue, red and, yellow mobile, and go with one that features mint and gray. You could even make this a fun project to DIY while you wait for the new baby’s arrival.

Don’t forget about lighting! String mint, gray, or gold twinkle lights around the room to turn a regular nursery into something special.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas | A Gender Neutral Inspired Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Gender Neutral Nursery Colors | A Gender Neutral Inspired Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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