A Fun Baby Shower Idea For Your Little Chick Magnet!

Whether you want to say “Just Hatched”, “About To Hatch” or “Don’t Say A Peep” for a surprise baby shower, cheery chicks make a fun baby shower theme for your little chickadee.  It’s a charming baby shower theme for boys that doesn’t involve baby blue.  Giving you the chance to be creative, you’ll find that the theme is a wonderful complement for a garden, farm or springlike setting.  Full of bright yellow hues and a classic concept, this theme will be “eggs-actly” what you’re looking for!

Newborn to Newborn

Just hatched, the little chick knows what it’s like to be a newborn.  After spending so much time inside the egg, the new surroundings on the outside can be a challenge to navigate.  But, sure enough, the chick learns how to make sounds, recognize Mom and eventually walk on his own.  The same transformations will happen for your little one, as well.  That’s why the symbolism is absolutely perfect.  To get things cracking, here are a few ideas:


This little chick invites your guests with open arms!  With all your information printed beneath the wings, it’s a trendy take on the traditional flat, printed invitation.



Let the sun shine in for your little chickadee with yellow decorations from the ceiling to the table.  All that’s missing from the tablescape is one of our adorable chick baby shower favors!

Sweet Treats

Of course, you could have a cake made like a chick or a sheet cake with a chick design.  But, this dessert idea from Martha Stewart lets you take it up a notch with Spring Chick Cupcakes.  How adorable!  Find the instructions here: https://www.marthastewart.com/how-to/spring-chick-cakes?backto=true&backtourl=/photogallery/spring-treats#slide_1

Martha Stewart's Spring Chick Cupcakes


Baby Shower Favors

Spice up the celebration with these adorable shakers.  A gift that guests will certainly use in their kitchen, they’ll leave the party knowing it was seasoned with love.

About To Hatch Salt and Pepper Shakers from Cornerstork Baby Gifts


Baby Gifts

It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or a guest, this baby gift is a great choice!  If you’re attending a chick-themed shower instead of planning one, this chick wagon makes an excellent baby gift.  With a full layette set inside, the wooden wagon will surely become a part of baby’s room decor, especially since it can be personalized with baby’s name.  If you’re the host, consider using it as a fun centerpiece on the gift or food table.