A Free Source of Information and Advice for New Parents

Today, with practically everyone and their mama in possession of an iPhone or iPod, there are applications for everything under the sun, including apps for new parents.  Are you looking for mobile software to help name your baby? There’s an app for that! Are you looking for software to speak to your baby in sign language? There’s an app for that! Are you looking for software to play soothing music to put your baby to sleep? Well, there’s an app for that too!

The newest app for parents is WebMD Baby. It is free and probably the most useful app you can find as a concerned parent.  Currently the app is only available for Apple devices, but later this year an Android version will be released. 

WebMD Baby is intended to offer parents guidance and counsel on all health-related issues with their child.  There are nearly 400 articles, 600 tips, and 70 videos offered, and did I mention they are all free?!  This free app can be considered a complete replacement for Baby Connect, which is said to be the best mobile assistant for new parents and is $5 on Android and Apple devices. 

The app is unique as it offers daily and weekly information to assist parents in their understanding of a child’s development during the first year.  Oh, and did I mention it does not have those annoying advertisements displayed on every page?

Along with a timeline for managing sleeping, feeding, and growth schedules, WebMD Baby also has a section called “Baby Book” where you can record and store notes, videos, and pictures of your child’s precious moments and store them in your device’s photo storage. 

Overall, it is a great app to keep you and your family informed and your baby healthy.