A Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

There is something about dinosaurs that is so interesting to little boys and clothes, toys and decor featuring dinosaurs proves it. If your little man loves dinosaurs, consider throwing him a dinosaur themed birthday and start out his year with a ROAR.

Prehistoric Frills for a Dinosaur Themed Birthday

There are so many creative ways to decorate for a dinosaur themed birthday party. Start with the basics ‚Äď what do you want the main areas of the party to look like? Choose one or two spots to start with ‚Äď like the main table for sitting and the food area.

For the main table start with a white table covering and add a burlap runner to add some color and texture to the area. Down the center of the table add mini fern plants and dinosaur inspired terrariums along with some toy dinosaurs scattered throughout the plants and containers. At each guest’s spot place a green placemat, a plate and a container full of dino related goodies to play with as they enjoy their snacks.

In the food area, you can decorate similar to how you did the table with burlap and greenery! Create cute little signs for each of the treats you prepare, and use wood slices or wooden boxes to add some different levels for each of the treats.

Find other ways to decorate your space outside of the main areas as well. Dinosaur footprints leading guests up the walkway to the front door builds the anticipation for the children as they arrive, and a cute dinosaur themed photo backdrop is perfect for snapping pictures of the birthday boy and each of his guests.

Snacks for the Dinosaur Lovers

One of the best ways to get creative with this theme is with the food! Dinosaur-inspired treats will have your little guests so impressed with all of the fun stuff they get to eat.

An easy way to make a treat into a dinosaur treat is to add spikes to it or cut it into spike¬†shapes- spikes on cupcakes, watermelon cut into spikes and Bugles chips are great snack ideas. Dinosaurs added to Jell-O in cups is another way to add some color and fun to the snacks, and dinosaur ‚Äúdirt‚ÄĚ with chocolate pudding and Oreo bits is always a hit.

Activities to Keep the T-Rex’s Busy

Once the guests have arrived and everyone has had a chance to eat and play a bit, it’s time for games! Have each guest grab a safari hat and a shovel and let them be archeologists in the sandbox. Bury some dinosaur bones in the sand and let the little ones dig to find them.

You can also set up an area with toy dinosaurs or hats with dinosaur spikes and let the guest play and pretend they are dinosaurs. With so many activities for the little ones to do, they’ll have lots of fun playing with each other and celebrating the birthday boy.

This dinosaur themed party is sure to be a hit and will be a blast to decorate and prepare food for ‚Äď the perfect way to celebrate your little guy turning another year older!

A Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

A Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Colors

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