A Common Mistake for First-Time Moms

First, let me say–if this is the worst parenting mistake you ever make, you’re lucky! I’m talking about the tendency to overstock a newborn baby’s layette. It’s understandable. Baby needs to be stylin’, so you spoil the little booger with attire that’s outgrown within six months. Of course, all is not lost, because they make fabulous hand-me-downs. But the truth is, you can save some money for those adorable toddler clothes by limiting your layette to the essentials, many which you’ll receive as baby shower gifts. Such a deal!

A layette, by definition, is simply a complete assortment of clothes and accessories for a new baby–a baby that’s going to grow faster than a cheetah on caffeine for the first six months. And keep in mind, many newborn babies hardly spend a month in the 0-3 month sizes, so concentrate on size 0-6 months.layette.jpg

Here’s a checklist of clothing and bath accessories you’ll need when you bring baby home:

1 “Take Me Home” Outfit, 8 Bodysuits, 3 Shirt and Pants Sets, 4 Coveralls (one-piece footed outfits), 1 Sweater, 6 Pairs of Socks, 8 Sleep Gowns with Elastic Bottom, 2 Sleep Sacks,girltowels-m.jpg 4-6 Receiving Blankets, 3-6 Crib Blankets, 4-6 Drool Bibs, Lots of Burp Cloths, 1-2 Caps and Booties, 6-9 Washcloths, 2 Large Hooded Towels,1-2 Washcloth Mittens,  1-2 After-Bath Cover-Ups, 1-2 Mittens and, depending on where you live, a Coat, Hat and Snowsuit and/or a Swimsuit and Brimmed Sun Hat.

You’ll also need a good supply of cloth or disposable diapers. If you’re breast-feeding and baby is eating regularly around the clock, expect to use about eight to 10 diapers a day, so stay stocked! The good news is, you can count on your baby shower to bring lots of great surprises in most of the categories mentioned, including personalized baby gifts and baby shower gift baskets. These few tips will have you all set with your layette!