A Color-Filled, Sprinkle Inspired Birthday Party

When you’re celebrating your little one’s first birthday, you want her party to be as bright and colorful as her personality. Today we’re sharing some fun inspiration for a sprinkle inspired birthday party that is filled with colorful activities and yummy treats.

A Sprinkle of Color

Armed with a bright color palette and handfuls of confetti, you can have lots of fun with this sprinkle-inspired birthday. A crisp white table is the perfect start to this party. When you start with a white table covering, you can add color in fun ways – like with big pieces of confetti! The same thing goes for your dishes and serving platters – start with white and add your sprinkle inspired food to add pops of color!

Bright garlands filled with color are another way to dress up the party space, and simple Mylar balloons with sprinkle stickers are a quick and easy way to bring the sprinkle theme to your decorations.

Have a (Bright) Blast!

Let your activities add to the sprinkle decor as well! Three different activities will keep the little ones’ hands busy at this sprinkle-inspired birthday party.

For the first activity, let the kids decorate cupcakes! A plastic paint palette is the perfect holder for both the cupcakes and the sprinkles they can use to decorate, and the tray keeps the stray sprinkles contained instead of on the floor! Once their cupcake is decorated, they can have even more fun eating it.

You can also set up a coloring station with custom coloring pages that feature some of the birthday girl’s favorite things. They can add bright colors to the pages as they color a picture for the guest of honor.

Another colorful activity for your sprinkle inspired birthday party would be a balloon pop! Blow up lots of balloons and add sprinkle designs to a few of them. Let them try to pop the balloons to find a surprise! Not only is it fun party game, it adds some color to your space and doubles as bright decor.

Funfetti Food

Food is one of the most exciting things to plan for this party! You can add sprinkles to every sweet imaginable.

Start with white chocolate coating or white frosting and go crazy with the colors. Chocolate coated pretzels and fruits are even more delicious with colorful sprinkles, and a white frosted cake with just a touch of color sprinkled on it is the perfect addition to this birthday party.

Add some color to your little one’s life with a sprinkle inspired party that is fun for everyone who comes to celebrate!

Sprinkle Inspired Birthday Party

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