A Bright, Eclectic Nursery

If you’re planning your nursery design and don’t want to choose just one style, theme or color to accent the room, this bright, eclectic nursery idea is a wonderful option! With a mix of colors and patterns you can create a nursery that’s perfect for your little one.

Start with Bright White

First, begin with white walls and furniture. You aren’t committing to a certain theme or style with a white starting point, and you can be more flexible with the decor. If you’re wanting a pop of color on a piece of furniture or on the walls, paint one piece with an accent color that you know you’ll be using elsewhere in the room. Also think about adding simple wall decals (think triangles, bows or polka dots) for a noncommittal splash of color.

Color in the Details

Have some flea market pieces you’re dying to add to the shelves? Or a stack of colorful throw pillows you want to use in the nursery? Mix and match pieces with colors that work really well in this bright nursery. Bring in color through the details, like books, blankets, frames and pillows. Quick decor tip: Stick to a simple color palette, like blue, yellow, coral and tan. Or use a range of colors in the same hue to create an impact and to keep it from looking too mismatched.

The great thing about this nursery is that it can easily be updated as your child grows. Since there isn’t a specific theme, you can switch out pieces and add new ones without the need to change the entire room theme!

A Bright Eclectic Nursery | CornerStorkBabyGifts.com

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