A Big City Inspired Nursery

Big cities are bright, colorful, and full of life, which makes the perfect inspiration for a child’s room! These are a few of our curated picks for a big city inspired nursery your little one.

Skyscrapers to Inspire

Big buildings scattered throughout a city are awe-inspiring and sprinkling them throughout the nursery is a great way to inspire your little one to dream big. Achieve this with prints for the wall, building shaped blocks, and toys that inspired by the city.

An Industrial Design Twist

Wood and metal evoke a city feel, and industrial furniture add those perfect touches. Choose modern pieces that have metal legs and metal storage bins to bring a little bit of the city into the room.

Splashes of Color

Above all, create a space that is bright and full of color! Bright wall decals with shelves for toys are perfect additions to this room, and metal shelves designed after bridges are perfect for displaying your child’s favorite trinkets and toys.

Big City Inspired Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts @CornerStorkBaby

Big City Inspired Nursery Color Palette | Corner Stork Baby Gifts @CornerStorkBaby

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