A Baby Gift That Draws Attention and Colors Your World!

Not to mention that it’s cute as can be! Combine that with adorable boutique-style gift packaging, and you’ve got a work of art” “Crayonsies” are the latest design from amazing baby gift creators Baby Aspen, and we here at Corner Stork love the creativity and playfulness that went into this unique baby gift!

The primary colors (sunshine yellow, cloud blue and wagon red!) really pop, and the outfit (a bodysuit and matching cap) comes in a crayon-shaped gift box. The best part is the price point–under $15! Now that’s cost-effective cuteness, wouldn’t you say? At that price, you might even choose to get a couple or all three colors to inspire baby to artistic greatness. I’m sure there will be some magnificent pictures from a pint-sized Picasso hanging on mom and dad’s refrigerator—all because of a super-thoughtful baby gift!