9 Nautical Baby Gifts For The Little Sailor

Fewer things are cuter than a little baby sailor! All things nautical are trending in everything from baby clothing to nursery and baby shower themes.

Looking for some nautical baby gifts for an upcoming newborn or a first birthday celebration? These are a few of our top nautical gifts for little ones with a sea-going spirit!

A Sweet Baby Sailor

Every sailor needs a good outfit for setting sail! A classic baby sailor outfit is the cutest “sea-sational” ensemble for baby that comes complete with a sweet navy blue tie and sailor hat.

Nautical Baby Gifts: Baby Sailor Outfit | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Of course, a full sailor outfit really isn’t good for bedtime. In that case, you could get him some nautical PJs. If you’re looking to complete a gift basket, add a wash whale bath set for bath time, too!

Nautical Baby Gifts: Baby Sailor Pajamas | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

My Little Wash Whale | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Nautical Hats and Bloomers

The new parents are going to need some bloomers to cover up the little one’s diaper. Choose something with the blue and white striped theme that features a sail boat, whale or anchor.

Nautical Baby Gifts: Sailor Bloomers | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Nautical items don’t have to be just blue and white. If they’re having a baby girl and you don’t want her to be confused for a boy, you could go for a sunhat that features red and white instead. The addition of a sailboat still ties it into the nautical theme.

Nautical Baby Gifts: Nautical Baby Hat | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Exciting Essentials

Find practical gifts that fit the parents-to-be’s nautical nursery theme. Place a nautical-themed baby blanket with diapers in a gift basket.

Nautical Baby Gifts: Nautical Baby Blanket | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Another essential? Bibs! Tie in the nautical theme with bibs that feature marine animals, like whales, crabs and octopuses.

Nautical Baby Gifts: Nautical Bibs | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Nautical Decor

You might want to give the parents-to-be something for the nursery. If the couple went with a nautical nursery theme, pick a small gift like a ceramic whale bank or a personalized anchor stroller blanket.

Whale Bank | Corner Stork Baby GiftsAnchor Baby Blanket | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Which one of these nautical gifts are your favorites?