9 Ideas for an Earthy Nursery

Neutral nurseries are gaining popularity, and nature inspired decor can be found in any store right now. They’re both trends that come together to make a gorgeous, earthy nursery perfect for your little one. Today we’re sharing 9 ideas for an earth inspired baby room.

A Neutral Slate for an Earthy Nursery

A fresh, clean slate is always ideal to start when it comes to planning a room. For an earthy nursery, hardwood floors and white walls create the perfect setting for the earth inspired elements you’ll be adding in. Natural light is perfect for this nursery, so choose sheer curtains that will filter some of the sunlight to create a soft, light space for your little one.

Earth Inspired Elements

Include as many earth inspired elements into this nursery as you can. Everything from the knobs on the closets and dresser to the natural wood shelving on the walls can be inspired by nature and add to the elemental feel of this space.

Include the elements on the walls too! Art inspired by trees can be done in so many different ways and looks gorgeous on the walls of this little room. Pair these prints with natural wood frames.

When searching for trinkets to put on the shelves, look for sweet little earth inspired items that have a special meaning – a rock from your favorite vacation hike, a picture of your favorite mountain range or a wooden letter for the first name of your little babe. Little vignettes like these will bring some personality to this Earthy nursery.

Neutral Necessities

Neutral onesies, burp cloths, pillows and bedding go so well in this earthy nursery. Block printed pillows and blankets in various designs and neutral colors bring some fun patterns into the room and have a very organic and natural feel to them.

Include some sweet outfits and linens that fit the room’s theme as well. This ‘Hello World’ onesie fits this space and is neutral enough for either a boy or a girl. Pair that with some green and white burp cloths and your baby will be outfitted to match his or her nursery.

Great Greens

For the final touch in this earthy nursery, add in some fresh green houseplants. Not only do plants add a punch of color to a neutral space, they have wonderful benefits for baby as well. Certain types of plants filter and purify the air, help baby sleep and work to help fend off illnesses. Some great, low-maintenance plants to include are a snake plant, an aloe plant or a rubber tree. Make sure to find a species that works well with the amount of light you have in the room.

An earthy nursery is not only a serene space for your little one, but also a space you’ll love hanging out in! With it’s neutral palette and organic feel, it’s sure to inspire calmness and will be a favorite room in your house.


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